Volume - 8, Number - 4, Oct - Dec 2019
Puvithra Thanikachalam
Perspective Article
Hypothyroidism and the Heart
Theodore S
Original Article
To Assess the Knowledge, Attitude, Self-Reported Practice and Prescription Pattern Regarding Dental Floss Among Aentists
Abirami TM, Anitha V, Shanmugam M, Ashwath B, Agila S, Aishwarya D
Awareness of Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health Interrelationship Amongst the General Population of Kelambakkam, Chennai: A Cross Sectional Survey
Diya BR, Anitha V, Shanmugam M, Ashwath B, Agila S,Aishwarya D
Case Report
Heat and Moisture Exchanger Filter Causing Hypercapnoea in a Child Undergoing Surgery Under General Anesthesia
Aswani B, Anand S, Lailu M
Literature Review with Case Report
Delayed Recovery
Sheerin Sarah L, Dilip Kumar G, Krishnamoorthy SN
Review Article
Gene Editing Nucleases - ZFNs, TALENS and CRISPR
Shiva Krishna G, Suma K
How Cells Sense and Adapt to Fluctuating Oxygen Levels: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019
Agnishwar Girigoswami
Clinical Image
Unusual cause of Brain Abscess in Paediatric Age Group
Karthikeyan KV
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