Volume - 7, Number - 4, Oct - Dec 2018
Puvithra T
Perspective Article
Quo vadis, Heart valve therapy? (Where are you heading?)
Sanjay Theodore
Original Article
The Significance of Teaching - Learning Methodology in Fulfilling the Goals of Competency Based Medical Education
Sanjay Andrew R, Prabha S, Anithu C, Meena A, Jawahar G
Colour Vision Deficiency Amongst Medical Students – A Cross-Sectional Study
Marushka A, Ugam PSU
Review Article
Borderline Ovarian Tumors
Habeebullah S, Latha C
Ruckmani A
Pages of History
Nina Braunwald - The Original Female Cardiothoracic Surgical Giant
Krithika Ramaprabhu
Interview with Professor James Tatoulis
Sanjay Theodore
Author Index
Subject Index
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