Volume -2, Number - 2, April - June 2013
Dr. N.Pandiyan
Pain relief in Neonates: No Doubt it’s a Duty
Dr. Dalim Kumar Baidya, Dr. Souvik Maitra, Dr. Thilaka Muthiah
Treadmill testing – Where does it stand today?
Dr. Ganesh N
Epigenetics - A paradigm shift in Cancer Management
Dr. Kurinji Pandiyan
Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics Study: Applications in Clinical Practice
Dr. Ramesh V G
Immune Mediated Male Infertility
Dr. Shah Dupesh Khan
Pigmented Lesions Of The Oral Cavity-Review And Differential Diagnosis
Dr. Sasireka K, Dr. Sivakumar V, Dr. Bobby Kurian, Dr. Aneeshya Jose
Diagnosis & Management of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders - What the Medical and Dental practitioners should know
Dr.S.Venkateswaran, Dr.Saravanakumar, Dr.Annamalai, Dr.Divya, Dr.Yamini
Dumb Bell Skull Base Meningioma
Dr. Karthikeyan K V, Dr. Ramesh V G
Variant of Pierre Robin Sequence Requiring Prolonged Tracheostomy
Dr. Ganavi R, Dr. Rathinasamy M, Dr. Srinivasan K, Dr. Jothi Ramalingam S B, Dr. Thayumanavan S
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome
Dr. Srinija P, Dr. Abu Backer Sulaiman, Dr. Anoop Sreevalsan, Dr. Somasundaram, Dr. Vasantha N Subbiah
Ignaz Philip Semmelweis
Dr. Ramesh Rao
Abstracts from the Chettinad National Fertility Colloquium, September 2013
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