Volume -1, Number - 4, October - December 2012
Dr. N.Pandiyan
Evolutionary Medicine: Seeking a Fuller Understanding of Disease
Dr. Ashok Palaniappan
Predictors of Adverse Outcome in Asphyxiated and Ventilated Late Preterm and Term Newborns
Dr. Rema Chandramohan, Dr. Saradha Suresh, Dr. Srinivasan K
Cheiloscopy and Palatoscopy: A Novel Tool for Sex Identification
Dr. Mujoo S, Dr. Sakarde S B, Dr. Sur J, Dr. Singh A, Dr. Khan F, Dr. Jain S, Dr. Deeplaxmi R
Pathophysiology & Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Past, Present and the Future
Dr. Muthu Kumaran Jayapal, Dr. Bharath R
Cardiovascular Disease In Diabetes – Prevention & Management
Dr. Chokkalingam M
Eye Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus
Dr. Manoj Vasudevan M S
Paediatric Diabetes
Dr. Shriraam Mahadevan, Dr. Bharath R
Diabetes in Pregnancy
Dr. Anjali Sathya
Management of Hyperglycaemia in the Hospital Setting
Dr. Ravikiran M, Dr. Shrishti S
Diabetes & Dental Diseases
Dr. Meena Priya B, Dr. ShivaKumar V, Dr. Anitha V, Dr. Shanmugam M
Synchronous Presentation of Sporadic Angiomyolipoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma in Contra lateral Kidneys in Patient with no Evidence of Tuberous Sclerosis
Dr. Femila Padmavathy M, Dr. Rajesh Nachiappa Ganesh, Dr. Bhawana Ashok Badhe, Dr. Arshad Jamal
Peripheral Gaint Cell Granuloma
Dr. Karthik Krishna Munagala , Dr. Gopinath V, Dr. Lumbini M
Great Discoveries – Rabies Vaccination
Dr. Pitchappan R M
Interview with Dr.R.Venkataswami
Dr. Senthil Kumar K
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