Vol. 12 No. 1 (2023): Chettinad Health City Medical Journal
The Power of Epidemiological Modelling in Understanding and Managing Infectious Diseases
Raja D
Research Article
A Comparative Study on Milk Obtained from Various Sources
Neelaveni K, Bhuvaneswari S, Kalaiyarasi D, Kapu Poojitha, Mohana V, Sukrutha V, Dharani N, Ishwaryalakshmi S
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Acupuncture and Neutral Hip Bath among Young Females with Primary Dysmenorrhea – A Prospective Randomised Trial
Abhijna J, Vanitha Shetty
A Study of Echocardiographic Assessment of Left Ventricular Abnormalities in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
SR Rangabashyam, C Arul Murugan, A Arun Kumar, Mahesh G Patil
Chemerin: A Novel Biomarker of Coronary Artery Disease

C Sahaya Jency, D Ponnudhali

Effect of 10-week Yoga Intervention on Obesity on Working Male Professionals
Amit Kumar, Udham Singh
In-silico and In-vitro Evaluation of the Anti-diabetic Potential of p-Propoxybenzoic Acid
Keval Raval, Pravin Tirgar
Knowledge and Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccination among Women of Reproductive Age Group
Nandhini S, Vijayalakshmi Kandasamy
Prevalence of Contralateral Internal Oblique Strain in Recreational Fast Bowlers
Prajwalraje Pramod Mohite, Poonam Patil
Utilisation and Out-of-Pocket Expenditure for AYUSH Outpatient Care among Older Adults in India
Roopali Goyanka, Jeetendra Yadav, Manoj Kumar, Surendra Kumar Sagar
Review Article
A Holistic Approach in Treating Heart Failure with Prosystole
R Balaji , A Ramamurthy , Senthil Devi , M Chokkalingam , K Lakshmi
A Narrative Review on the Anti-genotoxic Potential of Medicinal Plants in Ayurveda
Asha S Raj, RN Acharya, BR Patel, SD Pawar
Diagnostic Manifestations (Istedlal wa Alamat) of Anaemia (Faqr al-Dam) in Ancient Unani Literature - A Review
Safder Husain, Arish Mohammad Khan Sherwani, Ashfaque Ahmad, Chand Bibi
Effects of Dry Needling in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Mini-review
Dravid Solanki, Priya Chauhan, Gulnaaz Kaur
Prodrome in Psychiatry – An Epiphany
Shabika Paramathy Khajamohaideen, Kailash Sureshkumar, Shabeeba Z Kailash , Sivabackiya Chithiravelu
Case Study
A Rare Case of Midline Suprahyoid Dermoid Cyst
DM Shribhagya, Senthil Kumar K, Gowtam Ravishankar
A Rare Case Report: Diagnostic Challenge of Uncommon Site of Lymphoma Camouflaging as Cellulitis
KV Prarthana, Anantharamakrishnan, Amrithraj T
A Rare Complication of Neglected Workplace Trauma Leading to Fistula Formation
Dhivya Ravikumar, Kishore Babu
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